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As explained in our previous communications, the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) came into effect in 2017 to regulate cable and its reaction to fire. In addition, in July 2018, the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations were released, which recommend that installers follow British Standard BS6701. CAI recommends that when members are quoting, they should also follow BS6701, which states that all internal telecommunications cables should be a minimum EuroClass Cca-s1b, d2, a2 
What does this mean to you as a CAI member installer: 
If you are purely a DOMESTIC installer CAI certified cable CPR rated to EuroClass Cca-s1b, d2, a2 should be used on the installation, unless otherwise stated (in writing) by the customer that Eca rated cable is to be installed. Any CPR EuroClass rated cable can be installed externally on the property - for example Eca rated cable. 
If you are a SYSTEMS installer, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to check the Consultants tender/specification documents for the contract to ensure you are quoting for the correct EuroClass CPR rated coax. It is important to note the vast majority of tender documents on new build systems now dictate a minimum EuroClass Cca-s1b, d2, a2 cable is to be used. It may be advisable to quote for both Cca-s1b, d2, a2 and Eca rated coax cable and let the customer decide what they want fitted and have this specified in the final contract. 
THERE ARE CAI CERTIFIED CABLES WHICH ARE Cca-s1b, d2, a2 RATED, check with your distributor when ordering for your contract they are supplying the correct EuroClass rated cable that you require. 
Under CPR, cables must be marked with either CE mark or a UKCA mark. Currently it is the government’s intention to discontinue the recognition of the CE mark in Great Britain by the 30th of June 2025. Subsequently, the exclusive use of the UKCA mark will be mandatory for products sold within Great Britain from that date onwards. It's important to note that until the 30th of June 2025, it remains acceptable to supply products bearing either the CE or UKCA mark or both. 
Please remember CPR Regulations are a legal requirement 
This communication was prepared by the Technical Committee of the CAI based upon information researched and available at the time of publication 
CAI Technical Bulletin 23/10/23 
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