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Crystal Palace transmitter viewers may need an aerial rethink from February-March onwards when the 700 MHz clearance plan necessitates a migration of muxes COM7 & 8. 
The muxes are being relocated to CH55 and CH56 until first half of 2020. What happens after that is not clear at the moment, although the UHF band is expected to narrow down to operating between channels 21 and 48 by the end of the programme. 
COM7 and 8 will operate as single frequency networks from each of the 30 transmitters that carry them when they move to channels 55 & 56 to make way for other multiplexes moving out of the 700 MHz band. 
As far as homes on Crystal Palace still using Group A aerials instead of wideband, they are likely to need a change – that is if they still want the COM7 and 8 offerings. The same will apply for grouped amplifiers that may still be in place even if the viewer had changed their aerial to wideband during switchover or for whatever reason since. 
Source: CAI E-Connect 19/09/17 
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