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DTT Overlap Blocking Filter (Group A)

DTT Overlap Blocking Filters — proOBFA Group A 
Channels 21-30 
Frequency 470 - 550MHz 
Key Features 
• Good out-of band rejection helps block TETRA and GSM, 
also LTE (4G), dependant on model. 
• `F’ type connectors for good screening helping prevent 
leakage around the filter. 
• Good 75 ohm match throughout the passband. 
• DC blocked—no damage if inadvertently linepowered 
• (24 V DC max). 
• Optional weatherproof outdoor housing available see BLAPROBFCS 
• Equipotential bonding terminal. 
Other Applications 
The entire range will help solve GSM mobile phone interference 
above channel 62 while the `A’ and `B’ models will additionally 
help suppress the forthcoming LTE (4G) signals. 
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