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Vision 5 input launch amp

Code: LA/VIS/V51-305
Designed with high gain and very high input and output headroom to minimise the effects of interference overload. The V51 range of amplifiers can be used in small, medium and large MATV and IRS systems from 10 to 500 subscriber points or as a pre-amplifier mixer in cascade with a launch amplifier. The gain/level and slope settings are controlled by a 10dB gold contact slider switch attenuator and 10dB rotary trimmer attenuator for accurate and reliable adjustment.
Model: V51-305
No. of Inputs: 5
Frequency range Input 1: 88-108MHz
Frequency range Input 2: 174-230MHz
Frequency range Input 3: 470-790MHz UHF Ch21-60
Frequency Range Input 4: 470-766MHz UHF Ch21-57
Frequency Range Input 5: 470-862MHz UHF Ch21-69
Gain: VHF 35dB : UHF 44dB
Gain Adjustment in each input: 0-20dB (0-10dB switch + 0-10dB rotary trimmer)
Gain flatness: ±0.7dB
Maximum Output (DIN 45004B IMD3-60) analogue: 122 dBμV
Maximum Output (EN50083-3 IMD3-35) digital: 125dBμV
Maximum Input: 102 dBμV
Test Point: Output -30dB
Input & Output Return Loss: ≥12dB
Noise Figure: VHF <6dB UHF <4dB
Auxiliary Masthead Amplifier Power: 12V 100mA Input 4
Connectors: F-female 75Ω
Power AC: 230V AC 50Hz / 7.0W / UK plug with 3A fuse
Operating Temperature: -20° to +50°C
Dimensions & Weight: 135 x 175 x 52mm / 0.72kg
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